Recent Before & After Photos

Water Damage – Boynton Beach Office

Water damage at this Boynton Beach office involved standing water on the flooring and damage to the walls. A window had been blown out during a severe thunderst... READ MORE

Boynton Beach Water and Restoration

When a busted line floods a room in a Boynton Beach house, the walls wick up the water, get soaked, and are ruined. SERVPRO techs can do a "flood cut' to limit ... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Boynton Beach Home

Fire damage struck this Boynton Beach home when a short circuit in an attic located junction box started a fire. The fire affected the electrical system, the in... READ MORE

Why Duct Cleaning in Boynton Beach?

To answer the question of Why duct cleaning in Boynton Beach, take a look at this Before Photo. The buildup of debris in your HVAC conduits shows what can circu... READ MORE

Boynton Beach Fire and Smoke Damage

The electrical fire was extinguished, but the smoke and soot covered the surfaces of this Boynton Beach upper level. The furnishing can be removed for cleaning ... READ MORE

Water Damage – Boynton Beach Home

Water damage struck this Boynton Beach home due to a small leak in the roof. Over time the slow leak accumulated on the interior ceiling as shown in the before ... READ MORE

Fire Damage in a Small Commercial Building in Boynton Beach

This converted home into a half-way house had a fire burn inside a wall that spread to the above attic area. Boynton Beach small business owners often call on S... READ MORE

Boynton Beach Lobby and Water

The lobby in this Boynton Beach commercial center was flooded with water from a tropical storm that left its mark. The water was relatively clean, so the first ... READ MORE

Boynton Beach Flood Damaged Restoration

The tropical storm covered the floor space of a Boynton Beach house with contaminated, dirty water. SERVPRO strives to restore, and not replace water-soaked bui... READ MORE

Mold Damage – Boynton Beach Home

Mold damage to this vacant Boynton Beach home spread to several rooms before the owner of the property discovered the mold. There had been no air conditioning o... READ MORE