Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Boynton Beach Fire and Smoke Damage

The electrical fire was extinguished, but the smoke and soot covered the surfaces of this Boynton Beach upper level. The furnishing can be removed for cleaning ... READ MORE

Boynton Beach House Needs Fire & Smoke Cleanup

Smoking in bed does it every time. Fortunately, the sleeper quickly awoke and put out the fire. The Before Photo shows some of the smoke stains and water damage... READ MORE

Boynton Beach House Fire

Attic fires can transport heat, smoke, and odors to many parts of a home in Boynton Beach. The odors and can permeate through walls and fixtures and make for ve... READ MORE

Fire Damage - Boynton Beach Home

Fire damage at this Boynton Beach Home stated in the oven of the kitchen stove. The before photo shows just how severe the fire damage was. The greatest amount ... READ MORE

Large garage Fire in Boynton Beach

The workshop area of this garage in Boynton Beach suffered significant loss from improperly stored petroleum products. SERVPRO advises homeowners to make sure t... READ MORE

Fire Damaged Kitchen in Boynton Beach

Built-in ovens are often the cause of fire damage in Boynton Beach homes. This Before Photo illustrated the result of such a fire when the homeowner did not hav... READ MORE