Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Storm Damaged and Vacant House in Boynton Beach

If a house is vacated in Boynton Beach and a deluge soaks the interior structure, the Before Photo can be the result. With the heat and humidity in Southern Flo... READ MORE

Boynton Beach Flood Damaged Restoration

The tropical storm covered the floor space of a Boynton Beach house with contaminated, dirty water. SERVPRO strives to restore, and not replace water-soaked bui... READ MORE

Western Boynton Beach and Storm Damage

When the high winds drive storm waters into low built structures in Boynton Beach, soaked floors and damaged walls can be expected. The Before Photo shows a roo... READ MORE

Storm and Wind Damage--Boynton Beach

The tropical storm ripped a hole in the roof of this Boynton Beach community home and left its mark. The wind tossed attic possessions around and with the weigh... READ MORE

When Storm Water Destroys a Wall in Boynton Beach

Who do you call? We think you should call us, SERVPRO of Boynton Beach to clean up the damaged building materials. We can then remove the water that intruded t... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Boynton Beach Office

Storm damage struck this vacant Boynton Beach office and saturated the carpeting as can be seen in the before photo. Moisture detection devices indicated that t... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Boynton Beach

Storm damage at this Boynton Beach home occurred when high winds tore a section of roofing away from the house. Rainwater was allowed to run freely into the liv... READ MORE