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What Should I Do If My Business Needs Mold Remediation?

8/6/2020 (Permalink)

hand peeling back wallpaper exposing mold growth When SERVPRO remediates mold, we always check for hidden growth.

Immediate Action Helps Boynton Beach Business with Mold Remediation

Boynton Beach Entrepreneurs know the importance of taking good care of their offices or warehouse. However, sometimes there are problems with commercial premises that are not immediately obvious. One such issue is mold growth.

Mold remediation helps Boynton Beach business owners deal with mold as soon as they spot the tell-tale problem signs. Mold can damage the structure of business premises, so it is important to call SERVPRO of Boynton Beach as quickly as possible. Mold needs immediate attention, and we are Faster To Any Size Disaster.

What are the signs of mold in a business?

Mold is insidious and can start growing without immediately being noticed. However, there are some tell-tale signs of the presence of mold, such as:

  • Visible black mold growth on the walls or ceiling
  • Peeling wallpaper can be a sign there is mold underneath
  • If there is grout between the tiles in the staff bathrooms, you might notice the grout is darker than before
  • The heating or air conditioning systems might smell fusty or strange. There is a pervasive damp moldy smell that does not seem to go away no matter how much you air the premises

What should I do if I detect mold in my business?

The most important thing to do if you suspect mold in your Boynton Beach commercial premises is to call SERVPRO. Our team members have the skill and equipment to deal with mold growth thoroughly. Speed is essential because mold is fast-growing and can spread rapidly.

You should also shut down your HVAC system and fans until after remediation is complete.

Finally, please stay out of affected areas if possible, and encourage staff to do the same.

Is there anything I should not do?

Some things can make a mold problem worse and are, therefore, best avoided. If you suspect mold, please do not:

  • Attempt to wipe or clean the affected area yourself
  • Touch or disturb the mold in any way
  • Blow air across a surface that has visible mold growth
  • Spray bleach on the affected surface 

What does SERVPRO do to help with mold?

We train our SERVPRO technicians to carry out all aspects of mold remediation. We begin each visit with a thorough assessment of your property to draw up a plan of action that works for you. SERVPRO technicians know that mold can hide, so we use instruments like moisture meters and thermal hygrometers to measure dampness levels inside walls and under carpets.

We establish a containment area to keep mold spores contains. We use physical barriers to secure the affected area and access negative air machines to ensure the spores cannot escape into the rest of the building.

After we establish containment, we start the mold remediation process. We use a range of air scrubbers and robust filters to remove mold from the air. We also tackle mold on walls, floors, and furniture. In some cases, it is necessary to discard affected materials not to cause further mold spread. It is possible to clean affected materials to remove mold and help prevent its return.

If sections of carpet or drywall needs removing, you can rest assured that full restoration is part of our mold remediation process. We understand that your business cannot get back to normal if there is a missing carpet or a hole in the wall! That is why you can entrust us to take care of building restoration as needed to reopen your business quickly.

Our teams also take care of cleaning and deodorizing decorative items, curtains, clothes, and personal effects. We train our technicians to assess whether the items are salvageable. You can trust us to restore as much as possible and only dispose of personal property as a last resort.

What about bad smells?

Mold has an unpleasant odor, and of course, you want to get rid of those smells. Deodorization is an essential step in our mold remediation process. We equip our teams with a range of deodorizing pellets and formulas suitable for large areas and small individual items. We also have various thermal and ULV fogging equipment and air scrubbers at our disposal to thoroughly deodorize your premises.

If mold is left unhampered, it can spread quickly and wreak havoc with your business’ office or warehouse. We recommend being alert to signs of mold and calling us for help at the first sign of a problem. The faster we tackle mold, the less chance it can spread throughout your building.

If you are concerned about mold growth, give SERVPRO of Boynton Beach a call at (561) 413-9754.

How Do I Know My Flooring Needs Replacement After a Water Loss?

7/22/2020 (Permalink)

Removing wood flooring Water can quickly damage the flooring in your home. Contact SERVPRO for water removal and remediation efforts.

Absorption and saturation of flooring materials can weaken and destroy underlying support materials if not addressed quickly in your Boynton Beach home. 

Standing water or surface moisture can be a considerable threat to your Boynton Beach home or condo. The longer that sensitive materials like carpeting or wood flooring remain exposed to water loss effects, the more potential damage and deterioration can result. 

As a restoration team, we work to limit the amount of water damage repair in Boynton Beach properties as much as possible. Identifying the need for controlled demolition and reinstallation of flooring materials involves an intricate process to note the stage of water damage present. This is especially the case with wood plank flooring and other hardwoods, as the cellulose in these materials can quickly absorb standing water and leave moisture in one of three sequential phases:  

  • Surface Water – If only in this stage, efforts like extraction and drying along the surface can prevent the need for tearing out and replacing the flooring.
  • Trapped Water – Once the water has penetrated the surface into the wood planks, it is considered trapped water. In this stage, efforts like floor mat drying systems can still remove this moisture.
  • Bound Water – The final stage of water damage to wood flooring is when these molecules bond with the material and cause physical harm. At this point, traditional water restoration is impossible.

What Happens When Physical Damage Exists? 

If bound water exists, you will begin to notice these signs along the wood planks' seams. Warping and distortion can indicate irreparable damages have occurred, and the only solution is removing damaged portions of the floor. Our in-house contractors can help with replacing this flooring when adequate drying approaches have completed.

Damaged flooring can be a challenge to address, but with a union of restoration technicians and general contractors on our SERVPRO of Boynton Beach team, we can help. Give us a call today at (561) 413-9754.

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How Do Professionals Remove Water Damage From Boynton Beach Homes

7/16/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged ceiling; paint bubbling and water stain showing Water damage can quickly turn into a mold infestation. Contact SERVPRO promptly for remediation and to help prevent mold.

SERVPRO Explains Water Removal Actions for Boynton Home

Despite our location on Florida’s east coast, most Boynton Beach flooding incidents are the result of mundane problems like a failing T&P valve on a water heater or a split hose on the washing machine. Regardless of the source, it is very important to quickly get the excess water off the floors and out of the home.
For Boynton Beach, water removal means preserving the interior of a home before water damage becomes permanent. SERVPRO restoration teams use an extensive inventory of equipment to protect the structure of each residence, regardless if it is a single family house, duplex, or apartment building.
First, we stop the flow of water into the home. The team leader turns off the water if needed, and then examines the source of the leak. Our specialists can replace a split hose quickly and make other, minor repairs. If the problem is a major break or another plumbing issue, the team leader recommends bringing a licensed plumber for repairs while we continue working.
If the water is over two or three inches in depth, we start with commercial grade pumps. Since this is considered clean water, with no contaminants, our teams can direct the outflow into the street along the curb or directly into the nearest sewer grate.
Once the level is down to less than an inch, SERVPRO technicians have two options, depending on the size of the home. For most residences, they switch to extraction wands which draw water off floors and out of carpets. For larger homes or in very long hallways and common areas in some apartment buildings, they may use a riding extractor.
Technicians can ride on the larger device, using their weight to depress the carpets further and remove more water with every pass. If there is a carpet pad, team members roll up the carpet and remove it. Pads quickly deteriorate when soaked and are cheaper to replace than waste labor hours trying to dry them.
It is also necessary to reduce the humidity in the home to a normal level. That makes the environment more comfortable and helps eliminate the risk of mold growing in the home. Our technicians use fans to increase air circulation and dehumidifiers to draw up to 25 gallons of water from the air per day.
Our goal at SERVPRO of Boynton Beach is to return your home to its original condition as quickly and safely as possible. If you are dealing with a water problem in your home, call us today at (561) 413-9754 to schedule a visit.

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Why are Smoke Detectors Necessary?

7/14/2020 (Permalink)

Woman  testing ceiling mounted smoke alarm Properly working smoke alarms save lives. Test your smoke detector often.

SERVPRO Explains the Importance of Using Smoke Detectors in Your Boynton Beach Home 

Having smoke detectors throughout your home in various locations gives you effective and fast smoke detection. The siren of the device warns you at any time of day or night that there is a potential fire, letting you quickly check what the issue is and hopefully prevent damage to your Boynton Beach home. When put in the right locations, smoke alarms can help firefighters locate the fire in your home, allowing them to focus their effects more efficiently.  

Smoke stains from large or small fires in Boynton Beach can be harmful to your home, other than unsightly. Smoke and soot are corrosive, and if left alone, continue to cause more damage. Therefore, if you have had a small fire, you need the professionals at SERVPRO to help you clean up the remaining. We train and equip our technicians to help restore your home with specialized cleaning methods and deodorizers.  

Because smoke rises, smoke detectors should be installed on the ceiling of your home for the best detection. There are two common kinds of detectors to choose from – ionization and photoelectric. It would be best if you had smoke detectors on every floor of your home. If there are doors to rooms that you close often, have one installed in these rooms too. Place smoke alarms away from rooms that make steam, like bathrooms, as steam can trigger the smoke detector. A majority of smoke detectors use double-sided tape to attach the device to the mount that goes on the ceiling. To install the detector correctly, you need to drill the mount into the ceiling, and then attach the smoke detector to the sticky mount.  

Replace the battery on your smoke alarm once a year. Most models let you know when the battery is low by emitting a short beeping sound. You should also replace the entire device every ten years. Smoke alarms regularly monitor the air and start to malfunction over time from exposure to insects, accumulated dust, corrosion, and airborne contaminants. 

SERVPRO of Boynton Beach can help restore and clean your home in Boynton Beach or the surrounding areas after a fire, ridding it of smoke odors. Reach out to us by dialing (561) 413-9754 as soon as the fire is out so we can prevent additional smoke and soot damage.

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How Do I File a Claim After a Home Flood?

7/14/2020 (Permalink)

"Insurance policy" Our SERVPRO team will assist you every step of the way. Give us a call right away.

SERVPRO Technicians Extract Flood Damage from Boynton Beach Homes

Boynton Beach homeowners should stay alert. King tide season runs from August to December, which means flooding is more likely in low-lying areas.

SERVPRO provides homeowners in Boynton Beach with flood damage cleanup 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. The goal of SERVPRO’s service is not just to remove the damage affecting your home, but also to return your property and the contents therein to a preloss state.

What Tips Should I Bear in Mind When Filing a Flood Damage Claim?

  • Act fast. After a disaster, contact your insurer as soon as possible. An adjuster should be in touch within several days after your initial contact.
  • Evaluate the damage. Take photos, videos, and keep records of damaged items. It may be tempting to clean up, but avoid touching anything until the adjuster has seen it. Keep records of information about damaged items, including the date of purchase and monetary value.
  • File your paperwork quickly. Send in your Proof of Loss form within 60 days of the disaster occurring to receive timely service.

How Does SERVPRO Extract Floodwater from My Property?

Extraction can work in several different ways depending on the extent of water damage, the amount of debris in your home, and the amount of standing water still present. SERVPRO technicians can use the following to prepare your home for structural drying:

  • Gas-powered submersible sump pumps for removing standing water at least two inches deep.
  • Portable, back-mounted extraction systems to remove water from hard-to-reach nooks and crannies in the home.
  • Truck-mounted extraction systems for removing large amounts of water. The storage tank for this type of extractor can be anywhere from 60 gallons to well over 100 gallons in capacity.

SERVPRO of Boynton Beach provides mitigation and restoration services that are Faster to Any Size Disaster. Call (561) 413-9754 to send a team to your home.

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How do Professionals Remediate Boynton Beach Fire Damage?

7/12/2020 (Permalink)

hand and pen writing '24/7 customer service' Call SERVPRO of Boynton Beach at (561) 413-9754 to help.

You can Rely on SERVPRO to Restore and Repair Destruction Caused by Smoke and Fire in Boynton Beach

Property damage from a fire falls into several types. There is the material wholly or partially consumed by the flames, and more damage occurs thanks to the heat of the fire and the smoke residues generated by burning property and building materials. Firefighters cause further damage with the water or other extinguishing chemicals they use to put out the fire.  

Most fire damage to a Boynton Beach home comes from heat and smoke residues on the structure and personal property. Even with this category, there are three levels of fire damage. SERVPRO has developed this scale over decades of experience in the restoration business. Understanding the severity helps us determine which methods of cleaning are going to work the best.  

Minor Damage – At this level, smoke residues only affect a few rooms or areas, not the entire house. The amount is light to moderate. Technicians use dry and wet cleaning methods for walls, floors, ceilings, and the contents of the home. Repainting is minimal, and only minor items like newspapers, books, and perhaps some clothing require replacing. We eliminate most smoke odors during cleaning.  

Medium Damage – The residue levels here are at least moderate and over a more substantial home area. More materials need wet cleaning to remove the residues. Repainting is necessary for larger areas of the home, and more items need replacement as well. Smoke odors are more noticeable at this level, and certain items may require deodorization after we finish cleaning. There may be heat damage to cabinets and drywall, and wood floors may need refinishing.  

Significant Damage – This is where fire and heat harm the framing and other structural supports of the home. Smoke residues are throughout the house, and odors are not only powerful but pungent. Our IICRC industry certified SERVPRO technicians might have to board up doors and windows to prevent further damage from the weather or trespassers. The property we can clean and restore must be taken outside the home to do so, and deodorization is a must at this level. We have a unique Pack-Out Service for storing and cleaning possessions at our HQ's. 

Why Hire SERVPRO To Manage Fire Odor In Boynton Beach

After a fire incident in your property, one of the main problems you are likely to grapple with is bad odor and air quality issues. As a fire burns, it emits smoke, a combination of gases, particles, and aerosols. While the gases and a small percentage of the residues dissipate into the air and filter out of the building, the rest adhere to surfaces leading to the bad odors experienced after fire incidents. We have highly trained FSRT, Fire and Smoke Restoration Technicians, who can help you deal with the bad smells. 

One aspect that helps the management of fire odor in Boynton Beach is the identification and removal of smoke residues. The advanced training our SERVPRO technicians receive helps them accomplish this effortlessly because we understand how residues accumulate.

Concealed areas tend to be cooler, so convection currents that drive smoke force accumulation of deposits. Identifying and cleaning all hidden areas that hold such residue, including HVAC systems, helps eliminate odors. 

Apart from the deposits on surfaces, odor-causing particles also penetrate different materials depending on factors such as the natural porosity of the item, or the intensity of the fire. Hotter fires open pores in materials leading to deeper penetration. Our SERVPRO technicians undergo training on how to neutralize such odors using agents that sanitize, digest, or neutralize odor particles. Using ULV foggers is one of our preferred delivery methods for such agents. 

Sometimes the source of the odor might not be easy to pinpoint. It could emanate from aerosols left in the air or light smoke residues spread all over the property. Such cases might require different approaches. Our SERVPRO technicians use HEPA filtered air scrubbers with activated carbon and potassium permanganate filters to remove dirt, gases, and odor particles from the air. We also use Ozone machines that release unstable oxygen molecules that oxidize odor particles, neutralizing them. 

Each level of damage needs a professional agency to ensure completion of restoration in a timely and cost-effective manner. SERVPRO of Boynton Beach has the experience, training, and equipment to clean, repair, and restore your home to a livable condition again, "Like it never even happened." If you need our services, call today at (561) 413-9754.

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Why Does My Boynton Beach House Still Smell Like a Fire After I Cleaned It?

7/12/2020 (Permalink)

Burnt property interior after fire SERVPRO of Boynton Beach at (561) 413-9754 is ready to help local property owners with any size fire damage problem.

SERVPRO technicians have the training and professional equipment to handle fire loss and eliminate odor problems from your Boynton Beach Property

Even a small fire can leave behind strong odors in your Boynton Beach home. The reason is that odorous soot particles can become airborne and wind up in other areas of your home, including the ductwork, and since the range in size from tiny to microscopic, it is impossible to clean them away through sight alone. That is why it is vital to bring in a professional mitigation company to perform professional cleaning of the residues and address the odors.

Fire Damage in Different Rooms Bring Cleanup Challenges

The location of fire damage within a Boynton Beach home plays a role in the nature of the cleanup. Certain things that are the same across most fire loss restoration services are:
    •    Containment to stop the spread of soot  
    •    The need for odor control  
    •    Removal of smoke damage

Garage-this area of the home frequently has severe loss due to the fact the fire spreads for a time before it gets caught and extinguished. Overloaded electrical outlets and improperly stored flammable items are typical reasons for fires in this area of the home. Commonly seen outcomes involve a good deal of charred building materials and contents loss that require removal.

Bathroom-one of the most typical reasons for a fire in a bathroom is an overloaded outlet causing an electrical fire. Controlled demolition actions may include removal of the vanity and fixtures, delaminated tile from the fire extinguishing efforts, and removal of smoke residues off surfaces. Soot has the potential to degrade chrome fixtures, so SERVPRO techs clean and wrap them for protection during the rest of the mitigation.

Kitchen-the number one area in a home where fires occur most often is in the kitchen. When a pan with grease catches on fire, making the mistake of throwing water on it causes the water to turn instantly into a vapor and, with it, spread the fire. When SERVPRO techs handle this type of cleanup, they often need to perform controlled demolition, particularly around the stove area where the fire started. The residues left behind can also be slightly different than in other rooms in the home. Protein fires leave a nearly invisible, fine mist that covers surfaces, and while it is difficult to see, it has a strong, pungent odor that remains until it gets neutralized through cleaning methods.

Bedroom-Three of the most common reasons for fires in the bedroom are:
    •    Smoking in bed
    •    Improper use of strip plugs or extension cords
    •    Leaving candles unattended

When SERVPRO techs handle the cleanup of a fire loss in a bedroom, porous items with soot absorption are generally a loss. This often includes the mattress. Fortunately, if the bedding has no signs of charring but only smoke odors, it and washable clothing can get cleaned through the use of the Esporta Washing System. This can help save the homeowner from the cost of replacement for some items.

Attic-Electrical fires are among the most common reasons fires occur in attics. Once they start, the dust that tends to accumulate in this part of a home can fuel the flames and allow it to spread rapidly. When a fire loss occurs here, the result can be holes in the roof that require temporary measures to stop exposure to the elements as well as interior issues from the water used to extinguish the fire, such as sagging ceilings in the rooms below the attic.

No, matter where the fire loss happened in the home, it is crucial to remove the smoke odors before any repairs happen. The techs have access to a broad selection of odor control methods and equipment. For light applications, the simple use of time-release gel pellets works. When more potent post-fire odors require more robust treatment methods, the techs often apply a multi-layered approach, such as the use of hydroxyl generators to neutralize airborne particulate. Then the use of thermal fogging equipment works precisely like the hot air generated during a fire behaves; it forces its way into porous objects. It overtakes any odorous soot particles neutralizing them. In the case of walls that continue to have an odor after cleaning, the application of a sealant leaves a clean slate ready for priming and painting.

SERVPRO of Boynton Beach at (561) 413-9754 is ready to help local property owners with any size fire damage problem. The techs bring the latest equipment and advanced restoration methods to return the home to its preloss condition, “Like it never even happened.”

What is the Best Way to Recover Quickly from A Water Damaged Boynton beach Business?

7/10/2020 (Permalink)

View of SERVPRO ERP app on phone Boynton Beach Businesses Benefit from the ERP Program from SERVPRO to Mitigate Losses

SERVPRO's ERP Program Minimizes Downtime to Many Enterprises

The beauty of Boynton Beach has drawn people since Nathan Boynton built the Boynton Hotel in the 1890s. Today other hotels, inns, and dining experiences serve residents and guests from all over. When water damages one of our current commercial buildings, we bring it back to life fast.  

Leaky roofs and plumbing cause inconvenient water damage issues for the business people of Boynton Beach. A restaurant or lodging that relies upon a daily influx of locals and visitors must be open and welcoming to potential customers. Our production managers and crew chiefs are keenly aware of the dangers to our clients when even for a short period, doors are closed for restoration.  

At the same time, ignoring water damage is also not in your business's best interest. SERVPRO works with you to strike a balance between comprehensive and professional repairs and restoration of water damage. We have experience designing our work plans so that the majority of your services continue to be available to your customers. Perhaps we barricade the affected area or work at times when your customers are usually not around. We can be creative as we show our competence.  

We accomplish this in several ways. First, we listen carefully to your needs. Next, we work discreetly, our employees properly attired and professional as they complete tasks. Finally, we use our familiarity and decades of completed jobs to handle the task swiftly. Our technologically advanced equipment removes water and dries structures fast, getting your entire building back online quickly.  

 ERVPRO offers an Emergency Ready Plan (ERP) option to assist in preparing for a water damage disaster before it happens. The ERP allows you and our management to decide how to manage a water loss or other disaster occurring at your business. You can designate staff or family to act on your behalf if you are out of town at the time of the problem and make evident to us what your priorities are during the crisis.  

SERVPRO of Boynton Beach is ready to partner with you and your business. When water damage or another disaster arises, give us a call at (561) 413-9754. 

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How can Gutter and French Drain Failures Lead to Flooding in Your Boynton Beach Home?

7/8/2020 (Permalink)

water running out of red downspout from home Any drain around the home, including gutters, helps keep water from flooding your home. Contact SERVPRO for an assessment or remediation services.

SERVPRO Technicians Remediate a Current Flooding Scenario or Can Suggest Preventative Measures for Homeowners 

You might not think about it very often, but your Boynton home has a lot of precautionary implements installed to help prevent disasters like flooding from occurring. Your french drain around the perimeter of the foundation of your home is an excellent example of this. Additionally, the gutter systems that outline the edges of your house's roof are another way to keep a considerable amount of water from ending up where it could pose a threat.  

When any of these preventative measures fail or become ineffective, your Boynton home can fall victim to flood damages. Our SERVPRO team can help you clean up the mess and dry up your home areas that became affected by the substantial water damage. Understanding how these precautionary implements work for your home and correctly keeping them running is essential to preventing this kind of problem for your home.  

Our SERVPRO team can help you identify the primary source of the floodwaters in your home and offer suggestions for repairs and solutions beyond our industry's nature. With everything running as it should, we can work on extracting the water pooling in your home using either portable pumps and vacuums or a pump truck from our fleet if the water damage is severe enough.  

Drying the area follows after the extraction process, and this typically involves the combined use of air movers and dehumidification equipment. Getting the area thoroughly dry is imperative to preventing compounding damages like mold growth. Lingering moisture can create this hazard in your home in as little as 72 hours, so getting the area dried entirely and quickly is critical.  

While you might not be aware of how some of the precautionary implements installed in your home to divert water, a general understanding of these items can help you keep them working as they should. Should you experience flood damages, our SERVPRO of Boynton Beach team of water damage restoration technicians can help you get your house back to its original condition. Give us a call anytime at (561) 413-9754. 

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How do Professionals in Boynton Beach Help Homeowners With Fire Damage Remediation?

7/6/2020 (Permalink)

charred home structure Dealing with the aftermath of a fire can be overwhelming. Contact SERVPRO and we'll be there for you during the entire process.

Our Fire Damage Restoration Team Helps You Recover After a Fire in Boynton Beach

Homeowners new to the devastation of a fire in their dwelling often do not know where to start after the fire department permits them to return and begin restoration. Cleanup after a fire differs significantly from procedures used for general household maintenance. Best industry practices recommend a particular order to the tasks, and we are familiar with these standards.  

When fire damages your Boynton Beach residence, our team assesses safety at the site and secures the premises with boards and tarps. We inspect all areas of your home to gain information on the problems caused by the fire. Then we rank the challenges you face and with which we assist in conquering.  

Chief among them may be significant water-related issues that take precedence because of the risk of collateral damage if unabated. Firefighters commonly use water and chemicals to extinguish flames. Standing water and moisture removal must complete before moving on to techniques to repair and restore areas charred and coated with smoke and soot. SERVPRO fire damage teams are certified water damage specialists as well, offering you a streamlined recovery experience.  

Our technicians move from water damage mitigation to cleaning smoke and soot from all accessible surfaces. The residues from smoke and soot are highly corrosive, damaging, etching, and discoloring all types of materials -- plastic, wood, glass, china, laminate, organic and synthetic fibers, paint, and more. SERVPRO crew members match the consistency of the residue with effective cleaning products, tools, and methods. Dry sponging, dusting, vacuuming, wet wiping, scrubbing with abrasives, soaking, laundering, dry cleaning, and ultrasonic techniques work if a trained smoke/soot removal expert assesses the need and uses the proper procedure.  

SERVPRO teams sanitize and employ efficient deodorization approaches as a final cleaning step. We thoroughly educate our team members to ensure the products used to avoid hazards. Deodorization methods eventually work. We utilize everything from a good scrub to sophisticated thermal fogging and hydroxyl machines that change the chemical composition of odoriferous particles. We find a way to neutralize fire-based stenches permanently.  

Finally, our team starts restoring and repairing structures and contents of your home damaged by the fire. SERVPRO makes it a priority to work closely with insurers, building a file of evidence that backs your claims. We pledge to help you with this last duty because we understand how stressful and expensive restoration can be, and we want to limit both your worries and your out of pocket expenses.  

SERVPRO Shares Fire Damage Content Cleaning Tips in Boynton Beach

Whenever a fire occurs inside your Boynton Beach home, many different types of damage can occur. The flames and heat generated by the blaze often burn and char items, which causes them to be removed and replaced. In other scenarios, smoke coming from the burn spreads across the building and damages items all over the house. 

Smoke many times leaves behind soils and soot residues that damage contents. SERVPRO's fire damage technicians in Boynton Beach have experience cleaning building materials and contents after smoke affects them. Smoke also causes pungent odors to exist inside the home. 

When restoring problems caused by a blaze, contents and materials get cleaned, and we attempt to deodorize everything inside the building. Sometimes we pack up all of the contents inside your house and move them to an off-site area for cleaning. By packing out your contents, we can better clean the items and mitigate issues with building materials. 

Whenever we remove contents from your home, we keep an inventory record of what we moved out. We then carefully pack your items into boxes and safely move them to a storage facility. When we are ready to clean the belongings, we move them from the storage area to our cleaning room. 

Once the items are inside the cleaning room, we unpack all of the boxes, checking the inventory list to ensure that everything moved out got into the cleaning area. We then use specialized soot removal chemicals to clean each item individually. Every item affected by smoke gets cleaned so that residues do not ruin the possessions or cause foul odors to be present inside the home. 

After each affected item is clean of smoke residues, the contents go through a final deodorization process. Some porous materials hold pungent odors even after cleaning. When foul smells inside items still exist, we use a fogging machine or ozone system to remove the rest of the malodor particles. 

After we clean and deodorize all of your affected items, we create a new, cleaned item inventory list. We then double-check and make sure the belongings on the clean list match to the original list of items that we moved out of your house. We then carefully repack all your possessions so that they do not get damaged moving them back to our clean item storage unit. 

Fire damage restoration is much more manageable when SERVPRO of Boynton Beach is on your team. Make the call to (561) 413-9754 as soon as authorities allow restoration inspections and let us help you make sense of a difficult situation.  

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