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SERVPRO of Boynton Beach Uses Innovative Yet Best Practices to Rid Residential Properties of Smoke Residues and Odors

11/11/2020 (Permalink)

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Finding the Most Effective Methods to Among a Wide Range of Smoke Remediation Options Is SERVPRO's Pledge to Boynton Beach Homeowners

Boynton Beach is known for its open spaces and parks, ready to offer residents and visitors various ways to leave their indoor confines behind and enjoy fresh air, outdoor activities, and the beauty of nature. Whatever experience sought by park-goers, our Palm Beach County city offers one or more delightful options:

    •    Challenging exercise circuits and jogging paths
    •    Space to meet safely with family and friends
    •    New and engaging play areas for the young ones
    •    Sport fields
    •    Accessible opportunities to stroll and take in the sights

Are Examples of the Florida Scrub Ecosystem Found in the Park System?
Harken back to the time before the development of Boynton Beach as a top-notch community for families after the Second World War. Walkthrough and explore three conservation areas dedicated to preserving Florida scrub, a one-of-a-kind natural environment found in part within the city's park system. Some of the designated areas feature woody trees and shrubs such as sand pine scrub, scrubby pine flatwoods, giant wild pine, creating a mesic hammock, described as an evergreen hardwood and sometimes palm forest. Dozens of other plants of interest frequently found on the threatened or endangered lists also are in view from trails and noted during environmental education activities on the sites:

    •    Large-flowered rosemary
    •    Nodding pinweed
    •    Pine pinweed
    •    Curtiss' milkweed
    •    Twisted and banded air plant
    •    Scrub palmetto
    •    Sand spike moss
    •    Silk grass

Can Park-Goers See Fauna in Addition to the Wide Variety of Botanicals?
The Florida scrub also attracts many native zoological species that find food, water, and shelter in the area. As the scrub reasserts its hold, the reviewed native vegetation serves to increase the biodiversity the conserved space intends to support. Visitors have a chance to see the following animals and more when perusing the scrub reclamation areas:

    •    Gopher tortoises
    •    Migratory birds
    •    Green anoles
    •    Six-lined race runners
    •    Painted-lady butterflies
    •    Golden silk spiders
    •    Prairie warblers
    •    Great horned owls
    •    Ringneck snake
    •    Common gray fox

Why Is Conserving the Florida Scrub Ecosystem Essential?
Boynton Beach is fortunate to encompass the scrub environment's expanses, a vital link to the region's natural heritage. Scrub vegetation develops on the sandy ridges in the area, left behind by ancient shorelines. Preservation 2000 funds were provided through the Florida Communities Trust in the 1990s to obtain additional land to add to existing wild growth and help preserve the scrub's unique biodiversity. Even with the land acquisition, Palm Beach County retains less than two percent of its historic scrub environment. The city's oversight is of the highest importance to protect this treasure. Not only is the scrub a shelter for many reptiles, birds, mammals, and plants, it also acts to maintain and even increase underground drinking aquifers. When functioning as nature intended, the scrub vegetation also minimizes saltwater intrusion into the local drinking water reserves.

Where Are the Florida Scrub Areas in Boynton Beach?
Check out the Parks pages on the city's website to locate the scrub spaces. The scrub conservation areas currently include Rolling Green Scrub (not open to the public, but part of Ezell Hester Jr Community Park), Rosemary Scrub, and Seacrest Scrub. The lands purchased to reclaim and protect the scrub ecosystem now total over 70 acres. Administered as part of a county-wide natural areas system, Palm Beach County and Boynton Beach's Recreation and Parks Department share the oversight.

Do Natural Events and Human Negligence Make Impacts on the Scrub Conservation Areas?
A robust growth habit encourages the development and preservation of the drinking aquifer, as explained above. The tenacious ridge growth prevents erosion. Although this outcome is desirable, if the vegetation grows without bound, eventually, something needs to act as a brake. Not always a negative occurrence, the Florida scrub benefits from occasional fires. Fire clears out organic material that is dead or overgrown. Sometimes vegetative disease resolves best after a burndown of infected plants. Depending on the species, animals and plants can require the burning to thrive and reproduce, such as quail and scrub jays.

How Do Fires Start in the Florida Scrub Areas?
Sometimes a lightning strike can ignite a fire in the scrub's naturally dry and sandy environment. Human error can also cause a fire from grilling, smoking, or negligent use of matches and lighters. Occasionally county or park professionals determine that conditions suggest a prescribed burn as a management tool. Controlled fire activity rejuvenates the Florida scrub areas in the Boynton Beach part system and is a crucial tool for those who take care of the Rolling Green, Rosemary, or Seacrest Scrubs.

Who Can Help if Fire Strikes Your Southeastern Coast Home?
Although some natural environments can weather a fire and emerge, the better for it, residents of Boynton Beach need experts to complete smoke remediation services after ablaze. Regardless of whether the cause was accidental, from natural causes, or an intentional act, you must obtain professional assistance in your damaged dwelling as soon as possible to manage the damage caused by the flames, heat, and smoke. Your local SERVPRO has the workforce and equipment ready to respond quickly to your request for help. Our resources are considerable, and we can scale our smoke and residue cleanup to the size of your disaster. Our company and crews are licensed and certified through the state, highly-trained through classwork from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), and years of hands-on experience. Our technicians have advanced skills in:

    •    Effective and efficient smoke residue removal, matching the types of soot found in your home with the appropriate cleaning products, tools, and methodologies

Following painstaking smoke odor elimination protocols focused and differentiated on how malodors affect:

    •    Air quality
    •    Structural components
    •    Fixtures
    •    Contents

The talented and compassionate team at SERVPRO of Boynton Beach is ready to use fire remediation best practices and cutting edge equipment and products to make smoke damage “Like it never even happened.” Contact us at (561) 413-9754 to get a crew on-site 24/7.

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