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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

How do Professionals in Boynton Beach Help Homeowners With Fire Damage Remediation?

1/14/2022 (Permalink)

Room with fire damage SERVPRO will get your house back to feeling like home again. Call on our professionals for help after a fire in your home.

Our Fire Damage Restoration Team Helps You Recover After a Fire in Boynton Beach

Homeowners new to the devastation of a fire in their dwelling often do not know where to start after the fire department permits them to return and begin restoration. Cleanup after a fire differs significantly from procedures used for general household maintenance. Best industry practices recommend a particular order to the tasks, and we are familiar with these standards.  

When fire damages your Boynton Beach residence, our team assesses safety at the site and secures the premises with boards and tarps. We inspect all areas of your home to gain information on the problems caused by the fire. Then we rank the challenges you face and with which we assist in conquering.  

Chief among them may be significant water-related issues that take precedence because of the risk of collateral damage if unabated. Firefighters commonly use water and chemicals to extinguish flames. Standing water and moisture removal must be completed before moving on to techniques to repair and restore areas charred and coated with smoke and soot. SERVPRO fire damage teams are certified water damage specialists as well, offering you a streamlined recovery experience.  

Our technicians move from water damage mitigation to cleaning smoke and soot from all accessible surfaces. The residues from smoke and soot are highly corrosive, damaging, etching, and discoloring all types of materials -- plastic, wood, glass, china, laminate, organic and synthetic fibers, paint, and more. SERVPRO crew members match the consistency of the residue with effective cleaning products, tools, and methods. Dry sponging, dusting, vacuuming, wet wiping, scrubbing with abrasives, soaking, laundering, dry cleaning, and ultrasonic techniques work if a trained smoke/soot removal expert assesses the need and uses the proper procedure.  

SERVPRO teams sanitize and employ efficient deodorization approaches as a final cleaning step. We thoroughly educate our team members to ensure the products are used to avoid hazards. Deodorization methods eventually work. We utilize everything from a good scrub to sophisticated thermal fogging and hydroxyl machines that change the chemical composition of odoriferous particles. We find a way to neutralize fire-based stenches permanently.  

Finally, our team starts restoring and repairing the structures and contents of your home damaged by the fire. SERVPRO makes it a priority to work closely with insurers, building a file of evidence that backs your claims. We pledge to help you with this last duty because we understand how stressful and expensive restoration can be, and we want to limit both your worries and your out-of-pocket expenses.  

SERVPRO Shares Fire Damage Content Cleaning Tips in Boynton Beach

Whenever a fire occurs inside your Boynton Beach home, many different types of damage can occur. The flames and heat generated by the blaze often burn and char items, which causes them to be removed and replaced. In other scenarios, smoke coming from the burn spreads across the building and damages items all over the house. 

Smoke many times leaves behind soils and soot residues that damage contents. SERVPRO's fire damage technicians in Boynton Beach have experience cleaning building materials and contents after smoke affects them. Smoke also causes pungent odors to exist inside the home. 

When restoring problems caused by a blaze, contents and materials get cleaned, and we attempt to deodorize everything inside the building. Sometimes we pack up all of the contents inside your house and move them to an off-site area for cleaning. By packing out your contents, we can better clean the items and mitigate issues with building materials. 

Whenever we remove contents from your home, we keep an inventory record of what we moved out. We then carefully pack your items into boxes and safely move them to a storage facility. When we are ready to clean the belongings, we move them from the storage area to our cleaning room. 

Once the items are inside the cleaning room, we unpack all of the boxes, checking the inventory list to ensure that everything moved out got into the cleaning area. We then use specialized soot removal chemicals to clean each item individually. Every item affected by smoke gets cleaned so that residues do not ruin the possessions or cause foul odors to be present inside the home. 

After each affected item is clean of smoke residues, the contents go through a final deodorization process. Some porous materials hold pungent odors even after cleaning. When foul smells inside items still exist, we use a fogging machine or ozone system to remove the rest of the malodor particles. 

After we clean and deodorize all of your affected items, we create a new, cleaned item inventory list. We then double-check and make sure the belongings on the clean list match the original list of items that we moved out of your house. We then carefully repack all your possessions so that they do not get damaged, moving them back to our clean item storage unit. 

Fire damage restoration is much more manageable when SERVPRO of Boynton Beach is on your team. Make the call to (561) 413-9754 as soon as authorities allow restoration inspections, and let us help you make sense of a difficult situation. 

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