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Fire & Water - Cleanup & Restoration

Archived Before & After Photos

Boynton Beach Condo Water Problem

Our SERVPRO of Boynton Beach arrived on the scene swiftly to begin removing the standing water from this condo. It was not occupied in the off-season, so the st... READ MORE

Smoke & Fire Damage to a Boynton Beach Attached Garage

Safe storage and good ventilation can reduce the chances of combustible materials catching fire in a Boynton Beach garage. The fire did little damage, but the s... READ MORE

Damaged Roof in Boynton Beach Leads to Mold Damage

The Before Photo illustrates the mold growth on the interior of the plywood sheathing of the roof. Water intrusion provided sufficient moisture for the patches ... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Boynton Beach

Storm damage at this Boynton Beach home occurred when high winds tore a section of roofing away from the house. Rainwater was allowed to run freely into the liv... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage – Boynton Beach

Commercial water damage at this Boynton Beach gym resulted when a water line in the facility’s restroom burst. The before picture shows the quantity of wa... READ MORE

Boynton Beach Leak and Damage

The water line that ruptured in the attic soaked into the insulation and drywall ceiling of this Boynton Beach home. Our SERVPRO WRT water damage restoration te... READ MORE

Mold Damage – Boynton Beach Apartment Development

Mold damage developed while this Boynton Beach apartment development was under construction. Inches of rain had fallen prior to the completion of the roof, and ... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Boynton Beach Office

Storm damage struck this vacant Boynton Beach office and saturated the carpeting as can be seen in the before photo. Moisture detection devices indicated that t... READ MORE

Fire Damaged Kitchen in Boynton Beach

Built-in ovens are often the cause of fire damage in Boynton Beach homes. This Before Photo illustrated the result of such a fire when the homeowner did not hav... READ MORE

When Storm Water Destroys a Wall in Boynton Beach

Who do you call? We think you should call us, SERVPRO of Boynton Beach to clean up the damaged building materials. We can then remove the water that intruded t... READ MORE

Mold Damage Remediation In Boynton Beach

The team at SERVPRO knows mold damage can be a pain for any homeowner. Since mold can begin to grow within 48-72 hours, you need to contact us right away! SERVP... READ MORE

Large garage Fire in Boynton Beach

The workshop area of this garage in Boynton Beach suffered significant loss from improperly stored petroleum products. SERVPRO advises homeowners to make sure t... READ MORE

Leaky PVC Pipe Means a Water Damaged Boynton Beach Ceiling

The weakened joint was the culprit that precipitated the water leak in this home in the surrounding area close by Boynton Beach. Care must be given to the elect... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage - Boynton Beach Office Building

Commercial water damage struck this Boynton Beach office building when the fire suppressant sprinkler system inadvertently malfunctioned overnight. The building... READ MORE

Boynton Beach Water Damage from a Leak

All it takes is a leak from an overhead water line to rupture and soak the insulation and then the ceiling with a great weight of liquid. These non-salvageable ... READ MORE

Fire Damage - Boynton Beach Home

Fire damage at this Boynton Beach Home stated in the oven of the kitchen stove. The before photo shows just how severe the fire damage was. The greatest amount ... READ MORE

Mold Removal In Boynton Beach

Moisture is not your pal when it comes to mold. Excess moisture allows mold to thrive and spread throughout your home. Our experts know before the remediation p... READ MORE

Storm and Wind Damage--Boynton Beach

The tropical storm ripped a hole in the roof of this Boynton Beach community home and left its mark. The wind tossed attic possessions around and with the weigh... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage – Boynton Beach Offices

Commercial water damage impacted this Boynton Beach office when heavy rains caused flooding in the area surrounding the building. The flooding allowed rainwater... READ MORE

Boynton Beach House Fire

Attic fires can transport heat, smoke, and odors to many parts of a home in Boynton Beach. The odors and can permeate through walls and fixtures and make for ve... READ MORE

Mold Damage – Boynton Beach House

Mold damage came to the attention of the homeowners of this Boynton Beach home. The mold was located around the baseboards, but the owners were afraid that ther... READ MORE

Western Boynton Beach and Storm Damage

When the high winds drive storm waters into low built structures in Boynton Beach, soaked floors and damaged walls can be expected. The Before Photo shows a roo... READ MORE

Water Damage - Boynton Beach Office

Water damage to this Boynton Beach office was the result of a plumbing line in an adjoining bathroom bursting sometime over a three day weekend. The carpeting w... READ MORE

Boynton Beach House Needs Fire & Smoke Cleanup

Smoking in bed does it every time. Fortunately, the sleeper quickly awoke and put out the fire. The Before Photo shows some of the smoke stains and water damage... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage Restoration In Boynton Beach

When your commercial property experiences a water damage emergency, you need the team at SERVPRO of Boynton Beach to assist you. Our team is ready 24/7, and our... READ MORE

Mold Damage – Boynton Beach Home

Mold damage to this vacant Boynton Beach home spread to several rooms before the owner of the property discovered the mold. There had been no air conditioning o... READ MORE

How SERVPRO’s Mold Inspection and Removal Preserves Boynton Beach Homes

The Before Image is just a sampling of the extensive mold proliferation in this Boynton Beach residence. Without functioning air conditioning and regular inspec... READ MORE

Boynton Beach Lobby and Water

The lobby in this Boynton Beach commercial center was flooded with water from a tropical storm that left its mark. The water was relatively clean, so the first ... READ MORE

Fire Damage in a Small Commercial Building in Boynton Beach

This converted home into a half-way house had a fire burn inside a wall that spread to the above attic area. Boynton Beach small business owners often call on S... READ MORE