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Mold Damage Remediation in Boynton Beach

8/19/2021 (Permalink)

When SERVPRO remediates mold, we always check for hidden growth. Contact SERVPRO promptly for remediation and to help prevent additional mold.

Why Choose SERVPRO Technicians to Remediate and Reconstruct Your Mold Damaged Property

Particularly in the South, many people falsely think that mold infestations are a fault of their housekeeping. Because of that, many try to hide the visual effects by painting over signs of mold and use air fresheners to cover the distinctive odor. 

Mold damage to Boynton Beach homes and elsewhere in Florida happens only when mold spores find themselves with enough moisture to expand and a sufficient food source to grow and spread throughout a home. Without these two factors in place, mold spores are inert and harmless. SERVPRO is ready to rebuild and restore a home to its pre-infestation condition when they are no longer harmless. 

Mold Removal

After removing the infestation, our construction technicians get to work. The first step is to perform an additional inspection to ensure we know the location of every compromised column, support beam, and wall frame. For load-bearing walls and columns, we bring in temporary jacks and lifts to maintain structural integrity. 

After removing the compromised wood, we replace each piece with treated timber and boards that are more resistant to mold. Each piece we use meets both state environmental and EPA requirements. Since our office is a licensed contractor, we accomplish this in-house and pass any savings to our customers. With everything in place, hanging new drywall for the entire house takes 2 or 3 days. 

Now that we have a secure structure, technicians move to the roof. Mold proliferates into plywood and across every type of roofing tile. Our work crews can strip and remove the most damaged roofs in a single day. They replace new roofing panels and begin laying new tiles over another day or two. Depending on the size of the roof and the number of personnel we use, completion of a new roof takes another 3-5 days. 

With a new roof overhead, we turn to the floor. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced when it comes to installing new wood floors. If the customer requests that we stain or paint the floor, we perform that task as well. If the requirement is to replace a carpet, we have personnel specializing in stretching and installing new carpets across a mold-free concrete slab or that newly installed wood. 

Regardless if your mold problem is in a new home that suffered a major plumbing issue or in an older home that may have been unoccupied for some time, SERVPRO of Boynton Beach is here to help. Our services extend from cleaning to removal to a complete rebuild if that is what it takes. Call today at (561) 413-9754 to get started. 

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